LAW2120 Law for Business

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LAW2120 Law for Business Dates: Three weeks, 4 to 14 July Times: 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursday Credits: 30 Lecturer: Elliot Schatzberger : e.schatzberger@mdx.ac.uk Prerequisites: None Assessment: Unseen Examination (100%), Monday 1 August Aims: To examine the laws regulating the conduct of business and business organisations. The first part of the module provides the essential basic knowledge and understanding of English law (English Legal system, Contract, Tort & Employment) whilst the second part covers Company law and Corporate governance. Learning Outcomes: On completion of the module, the successful student will have acquired: Knowledge  Understand and explain the operation of the English legal system  Demonstrate a basic knowledge of areas of substantive English law such as contract law, law of negligence and employment law  Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the different laws applicable to different types of business organisations and relationships within these organisations  Explain how organisations are formed, operated and dissolved  Under the financing of companies, and the types of capital, the day to day management of companies and their dissolution  Understand ethical conflict and how the law resolves this conflict  Understand issues relating to corporate governance Skills  Analyse and synthesise the law so as to present arguments coherently and logically, and provide reasoned conclusions  Communicate information and knowledge effectively in writing  Research, evaluate, and retrieve information from a variety of sources  Analyse complex situations to identify legal problems  Demonstrate intellectual and analytical skills  Apply the law to hypothetical situations Syllabus:  The English legal system: an introduction to the operation of the English legal system, court structures, sources of law and the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998  The law of Contract: the requirements of a valid contract, formation, content of contract, breach and remedies  The law of Tort: the components of the law of negligence (duty, breach and damage), application of negligence principles in the professional sphere (accountants and auditors), protection against liability for negligence  Employment law: contract of employment, dismissal and redundancy  Formation and constitution of business organisations: agency, partnerships, companies Company formation, promoters, pre incorporation contracts and procedure for registration  Consequences of incorporation: difference between companies and sole traders and partnerships  Constitution: articles and memorandum of association  Capital and the financing of companies: share capital, loan capital, capital maintenance and dividend  Management and regulation of companies; directors, secretary, auditors, accounts, company meetings and shareholder resolutions  Legal implications relating to companies in difficulty -insolvency and winding up  Governance and ethical issues relating to business: corporate governance and fraudulent behaviour, insider dealing, money laundering Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy: Lectures  Lectures will provide students with materials and information necessary to understand the laws regulating the conduct of business and business organisations (English legal system, contract law, law of negligence and company law). Seminars  Seminars will give students an opportunity to consolidate information given in lectures, test their knowledge and understanding of the law, apply the law to hypothetical problems and practise their communication and organisational skills. In preparation for their seminars, students will be given questions designed to focus their attention on specific aspects of law. Learning Materials: Essential E Schatzberger: ‘Business Law’ Pearson Custom Publication Supplementary Reading [all latest editions] E McIntyre: Business Law, Pearson Longman, A Abbott, N Pendlebury & K Wardman: Business Law, Thomson, S Riches & V Allen: Keenan & Riches' Business Law, Pearson Longman, J Marson: Business Law, OUP