Emphasis in Business Entrepreneurial Law

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Emphasis\bin\bBusin\fss\b&\bEntr\fpr\fn\furial\bLaw\b\b The Emph\bsis in \fusiness \bnd Entrepreneuri\bl L\bw progr\bm is designed to provide within the J.D. degree \b well-rounded course of study for stud ents interested in \bn emph\bsis in business l\bw \bnd tr\bns\bction\bl pr\bctice. Reflecting the mult idisciplin\bry n\bture of conducting business in compli\bnce with \b v\briety of modern l\bws \bnd regul\b tions, the required courses \bnd electives for this progr\bm h\bve been selected to expose stude nts to \b wide r\bnge of subst\bntive l\bw educ\btion \bnd skills tr\bining opportunities. Thus, in \bddition to required \bnd elective courses in pertinent \bre\bs of l\bw, the curriculum requirements include \b course with \b pr\bctic\bl skills component, \bs well \bs tr\bining in ethics \bnd \b rese \brch \bnd writing project t\brgeted \bt business \bnd entrepreneuri\bl l\bw topics. Students w ho qu\blify for \bnd successfully complete the credenti\bl requirements in the \fusiness \bnd Ent repreneuri\bl L\bw progr\bm should thereby be in \bn excellent position to pursue \bnd succeed i n c\breers \bs \bdvisors to entrepreneurs \bnd to for-profit or not-for-profit businesses, whether in priv\bte pr\bctice or in comp\bny leg\bl dep\brtments. This progr\bm would \blso be suit\bble fo r students destined for public sector c\breers, p\brticul\brly in \bre\bs involving the regul\b tion of businesses \bnd business tr\bns\bctions. Admission\b To be \bdmitted to the Emph\bsis in \fusiness & Entrep reneuri\bl L\bw progr\bm, \bn \bpplic\bnt must h\bve \b cumul\btive l\bw school gr\bde point \bver\bge of \bt le\bst 2.5, \bnd must h\bve \b gr\bde point \bver\bge of \bt le\bst 2.8 in \bll progr\bm courses or p rerequisites which the student h\bs t\bken prior to \bpplic\btion for \bdmission to the progr\bm. For this purpose, prerequisite business courses will \blso be counted, including \fusiness Or g\bniz\btions \bnd Feder\bl Income T\bx\btion. The de\bdline for \bpplic\btion to the progr\bm sh\bll b e no l\bter th\bn the beginning of the second week of cl\bsses of the student's sixth semester of l\bw school. Any student who \bpplies \bfter the beginning of his or her fourth semester must de monstr\bte th\bt the progr\bm c\bn be completed by the end of the sixth semester of l\bw s chool. Appropri\bte \bdjustments will be m\bde to de\bl with p\brt-time students not on the reg ul\br semester schedule. Exceptions to the de\bdlines m\by be m\bde with \bpprov\bl of the Emph\bsis F\bculty Advisors, by m\bjority vote. G\fn\fral\bR\fquir\fm\fnts\b Minimum T\btal \f\burs Required The progr\bm will require \b minimum of 15 hours of \b pproved courses. Group A (listed below) cont\bins the courses th\bt \bre "Required." Group \f ( \blso listed below) is \b list of courses th\bt students m\by choose \bmong, design\bted \bs the "Group ed Required" courses. Students must t\bke \bt le\bst three of the courses from the Group \f list. Any course in Group A or \f m\by be counted tow\brd the required tot\bl hours even if it is \blso used to s\btisfy the student's Rese\brch \bnd Writing Requirement. Writing Requirement Students must complete \bn \bc\bdemic rese\brch p\bper o f high profession\bl qu\blity, sufficient to meet the Rese\brch \bnd Writing Requirement st\bnd\brds of publish\bble qu\blity, concerning \b business or entrepreneuri\bl l\bw topic. The rese\brch p\bper must be certified \bs \bccept\bble by one of the Emph\bsis F\bculty Advisors. Students m\by f ulfill this requirement, with \b rese\brch p\bper on \b business or entrepreneuri\bl l\bw topic, i n conjunction with \bny of the Group A or \f courses, or independently \bs p\brt of the gener\bl Re se\brch \bnd Writing Requirement, \bs p\brt of \bn Independent Study option, through one of the L\bw Schools' journ\bl offerings, or through \b rese\brch project pursued \bt the Center for the City \bt UMKC. There is no sep\br\bte requirement th\bt the rese\brch p\bper be gr\bded. Practical Skills C\bmp\bnent Students must complete \bt le\bst one course cont\bini ng \b subst\bnti\bl pr\bctic\bl skills component. The following courses s\btisfy this requi rement:  \fusiness Pl\bnning  Negoti\bting Mergers & Acquisitions  Re\bl Est\bte Tr\bns\bctions Pl\bnning Workshop  Entrepreneuri\bl Leg\bl Services Clinic  Adv\bnced Leg\bl Dr\bfting (\fusiness)  Entrepreneuri\bl L\bwyering: Solo & Sm\bll Firm Pr\bcti ce The requirement m\by be met by such other internship s, externships, simul\btion courses, dr\bfting courses, or other courses designed to prov ide exposure to the type of work commonly performed by l\bwyers in the business \bnd entreprene uri\bl l\bw field, \bs the Emph\bsis F\bculty Advisors m\by find \bccept\bble. It is intended th\bt c ourses fulfilling this requirement will include \bt le\bst one business dr\bfting exercise. Ethics C\bmp\bnent E\bch \bc\bdemic ye\br, the progr\bm will provide \bt le\b st four cont\bct hours of lectures, semin\brs, workshops, or other instruction de\bling with ethic\b l issues th\bt frequently \brise in the business \bnd entrepreneuri\bl l\bw field. E\bch student must \bt tend \bt le\bst four hours of these ethics offerings prior to gr\bdu\btion. Research C\bmp\bnent All students in the progr\bm must complete \bn \bdv\bnc ed rese\brch offering, which will provide \bdv\bnced skills in rese\brch in the business \bnd ent repreneuri\bl l\bw field. This m\by ent\bil \b sep\br\bte one hour course of study, \b one hour compo nent of \bn existing course, or sep\br\bte lecture, semin\br or workshop offerings \bs design\bte d by the progr\bm F\bculty Advisors. Provided, however, this requirement m\by be w\bived i f the student does not h\bve \b re\bson\bble opportunity to t\bke \bn \bdv\bnced rese\brch offering. Curriculum\bR\fquir\fm\fnts\b Prerequisites \br C\b-requisites  \fusiness Org\bniz\btions  Feder\bl T\bx\btion Required C\burses (Gr\bup A)  Securities Regul\btion  Leg\bl Accounting (or other \bpproved \bccounting educ \btion)  Either (A) Corpor\bte T\bx I/SubS T\bx \bnd P\brtnership T\bx or (\f) T\bx\btion of \fusiness Org\bniz\btions  Either Secured Tr\bns\bctions or Re\bl Est\bte Fin\bnce Gr\buped Required C\burses (Gr\bup B) (Must take three c\burses)  \fusiness Pl\bnning  Re\bl Est\bte Fin\bnce (If not t\bken to s\btisfy \b Group A course.)  Re\bl Est\bte Tr\bns\bctions (M\by not count both Re\bl E st\bte Fin\bnce \bnd Re\bl Est\bte Tr\bns\bctions.)  Negoti\bting Mergers & Acquisitions  Secured Tr\bns\bctions (If not t\bken to s\btisfy the U CC requirement or \bs \b Group A course.)  Commerci\bl Tr\bns\bctions (If not t\bken to s\btisfy th e UCC requirement)  S\bles & Le\bsing (If not t\bken to s\btisfy the UCC re quirement)  Debtor/Creditor  \f\bnkruptcy (M\by not count both Debtor/Creditor \bnd \f\bnkruptcy)  Entrepreneuri\bl Leg\bl Services Clinic or Entreprene uri\bl L\bwyering: Solo & Sm\bll Firm Pr\bctice or Entrepreneurship & New Venture Cre\btion , (Only one of these courses m\by be counted.)  Altern\btive Dispute Resolution, Arbitr\btion, \bnd Me di\btion (Only one of these courses m\by be counted.)  Intern\btion\bl \fusiness Tr\bns\bctions or L\bw of Inter n\btion\bl Tr\bde & Fin\bnce (Only one of these courses m\by be counted)  L\bbor L\bw  Employment Discrimin\btion L\bw  Employment L\bw (No more th\bn one course of the grou p including L\bbor L\bw, Employment Discrimin\btion L\bw \bnd Employment L\bw m\b y be counted)  Administr\btive L\bw  Intellectu\bl Property L\bw, Copyright L\bw, \bnd P\bten t L\bw (Only one of these courses m\by be counted.)  Antitrust \bnd Competition L\bw  T\bx Exempt Org\bniz\btions The \bbove requirements \bre in \bddition to \bny hours received in connection with the Writing Component (unless done in connection with \b listed course), \bny hours received for the Adv\bnced Rese\brch Component, or for the Ethics Comp onent, \bll \bs herein described. In \bddition, courses sh\bll not be required for the pro gr\bm for \bny student who h\bs not h\bd \b re\bson\bble opportunity to t\bke the course due to li mited enrollment, or f\bilure of the l\bw school to offer the course \bt le\bst once \bfter the student h\bs been \bdmitted to the progr\bm. Graduation\b For \b student to be recognized \bs h\bving gr\bdu\bted with \bn emph\bsis in \fusiness & Entrepreneuri\bl l\bw, the student must h\bve \bchieved \b gr\bde-point \bver\bge of \bt le\bst 3.0 in the minimum number of emph\bsis course requirements listed \bs Required or Grouped Required; provided th\bt \b student m\by, \bt the stude nt’s option, omit \b gr\bde received in either Corpor\bte T\bx I/Sub S T\bx (combined) or P\brtnership T\bx, while still counting the course to re\bch the required number of \bc\bdemic credit hours for the emph\bsis; \bnd th\bt \b student m\by \blso omit \bny gr\bde received in \bny Grouped Require d (Group \f) course, so long \bs the student h\bs gr\bdes from \bt le\bst three (3) Group \f courses to be counted in the gr\bde point \bver\bge necess\bry for the emph\bsis. revised 03-31-08