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!!!Business Law Honors Concentration Form Please select one of the following: Concentration Enrollment Form (please submit a copy to the Office of Academic Records) Advisor Meeting Record Form Concentration Completion Form (please submit a copy to the Office of Academic Records) STUDENT INFORMATION (please print) Last Name:_______________________ First Name:________________________ Student ID Number:_________________ Expected Graduation Date:_____________ Phone Number:____________________ E-mail Address:_____________________ Concentration Advisor:________________________________________________ FOR CONCENTRATION ADVISOR ONLY: !!I have met with (Student’s Name) ___________________________________________ to discuss his/her enrollment in the Business Law Honors Concentration, and/or his/her selection of courses. Advisor Signature: _______________________________ Date:_________________ Please indicate below the date of meeting and GPA to date. Please note that a 3.3 minimum GPA is required at the time of application for the Business Law Honors Concentration. Although a GPA of 3.3 or greater need not be maintained throughout the student’s time in the Concentration, a student must graduate with a GPA of 3.3 or greater in order to be awarded credit for the Concentration. !Semester!Meeting!Date(s)!GPA!1L!Fall!!!!1L!Spring!!!!2L!Fall1!!!2L!Spring!!!!3L!Fall!!!!3L!Spring!!!!!!!!! Both student and advisor should retain a copy of this form. If this is being used as a Concentration Enrollment Form, or a Concentration Completion Form, a copy must also be filed with the Office of Academic Records. Please sign up for the Concentration’s TWEN site: “Business Law Honors Concentration.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Students should meet with their advisor as soon as they find themselves interested in the Concentration, but in no event later than the course selection deadline for their fourth semester of study (or fifth semester of study for part-time students). Office of Academic Records Room 114 121 Hofstra University Hempstead NY 11549 T: 516-463-5917 F: 516-463-6251 lawoar@hofstra.edu Proposed Courses (circle) Proposed Term 2L FA 2L SP Summer 3L FA 3L SP* Required Core Courses (all must be taken): Business Organizations Bankruptcy Federal Taxation of Individuals Required Skills Courses (at least one must be taken; a second skills course can be used as a “List B” elective): Business Drafting The Business of Lawyering Community and Economic Development Clinic Drafting and Negotiating Contracts, Statutes, and Other Governing Provisions Federal Tax Clinic Practicum International Transaction Skills Real Time Lawyering: Negotiating the Complex Deal Transactional Lawyering Electives (at least three electives courses must be taken, at least one of which must be from List A) List A Advanced Bankruptcy Corporate Finance Federal Taxation of Corporations Securities Regulation List B Antitrust Business Planning Banking Law Broker Dealer Regulation Commercial Transactions Survey Complex Corporate Transactions Consumer Transactions Controversies in Corporate Law Corporate Governance Seminar Derivatives Law Employment Law Environmental Law ERISA / Pension Rights Seminar Export Laws and Export Controls Insurance Law International Business Transactions International Commercial Arbitration Labor Law Mergers and Acquisitions Nonprofit Corporations Real Estate Transactions Private Equity Regulation of Securities Market and Broker Dealers Taxation of Partnerships Other:___________________________________ Writing Requirement: *Although permissible, students should not wait until their last semester to complete the Concentration’s requirements. The Law School does not guarantee that these courses will be offered every semester, and even if offered, a course’s timing may conflict with other obligations and graduation requirements. This advisory is especially pertinent with regard to the Required Core Courses, each of which must be taken. Rev. 2/1/17