Business Insider The Path to 100M Users and Beyond

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 Business InsiderThe Path to 100M Users and Beyond 
 Julian Childs Managing Director, Business Insider UK 2 Business Insider: 0 -100M Users In Less Than A Decade! - ! 20 ! 40 ! 60 ! 80 ! 100 !Millioner!Source: BI Internal 2016!20072016 3 The key to our success?! 4 Native digital.! 5 How?! 6 Two key components!1. Native Storytelling!2. Distribution! 7 Why?! 8 Macro Trends!Generational Shifts in Consumption !Desktop is Dead. Mobile for Now…. ! 9 18-34 Age Group Are Heavily Engaged On Facebook! Source: ComScore! 10 @Margin…Advertisers Remain Over-Indexed to Legacy Media! Source: Advertising spend based on IAB data for full year 2015. Print includes newspaper and magazine. Internet includes desktop + laptop + other connected devices. ~$22B opportunity calculated assuming Mobile ad spend share equal its respective time spent share. Time spent share data based on eMarketer 4/16. Arrows denote Y/Y shift in percent share. Excludes out-of-home, video game, and cinema advertising.! 11 Publishers are over indexed on !monetization of desktop!!Future growth will be for those that focus!on winning mobile! 12 A Mobile Audience! Source: 1Google Analytics (July, 2016); 2comScore Mobile Metrix (July, 2016)! 63% of BI UK traffic comes from mobile/tablet1! 3 in 4 UK visitors read BI content on mobile devices (77% UVs)2!Only 29% of BI UK's mobile audience also visits Forbes on mobile in a given month, compared to 8% for Wall Street Journal2! 2 in 3 62% UK mobile users are millennials (A18-34)2! :5mm+ users spend 5mm+ minutes on BI UK mobile2!…with low duplication!Extensive reach on mobile...! 13 Key shifts!1. Mobile 2. Distribution and Social 3. Automation of Display 4. Rejection of Non-Native Display (See Mobile) 14 Publisher Distribution Shift! ! Traditional Model : 1 to 1!New Model : Many to Many ! 15 Distributed Storytelling Across Social Platforms! 16 The internet is the publication!! 18 13M+ combinedFacebook fans1 3B+ video streamssince launch1 4th most popular global creator on social2 2/5 of engaged fansare female millennials1Sources: 1Facebook Analytics (May 2016); 2Tubular (January 2016) !Launched site in May 2016 19 Social Storytelling!Insight:!Viewers make the decision to share a video within the first 2-3 seconds of watching it.!!Social-First Video:!Tell compelling stories that get viewers to lean in and share across social channels.!!Best practices:!• Auto-play!• Sound-optional!• Hook shot!• Visually stunning!• Captivating on-screen text! 20 Publisher Monetization Shift! ! Traditional Model : 1 to 1!New Model : Many to Many ! 21 Sustained Period of Fragmented Monetization ! Traffic Revenue :!1. Display Adv Automation: Guaranteed , PMP, Data Buying!2. Display revenue : Mobile, Desktop, !3. Native Ad Revenue!4. Brand / High Impact , Integrated Ads!5. Video !6. In-App !7. Affiliate Deals!8. Networks , Content Distribution, 3rd Party!9. Email !10. Ecommerce !11. Content and Sponsored !12. Social – off platform !13. New Frontier of Experimentation – ChatBots, Wearables, VR !User Revenue :!1. Paywall’s!2. Metered, Freemium, !3. Services !4. Premium Content !5. Intelligence / Research!6. Micropayments : e.g Blendle!7. Data !8. Events !9. Membership !10. Lead Generation!! 22Slideshows!Infographics!Videos!Stories!Native Content (BI Studios)! 23 Revenue Distribution By Content! 24 New World of Monetization Has 2 Heads!!Distributed and Owned!! 25!Editorial Sponsorship!!Native alignment with editorial social videos around relevant topic for brand advertiser!!Product Placement!!Native integration of a brand or product directly within editorial social videos.!!Branded Content!!Custom branded social videos produced by BI Studios.!Social Monetization (Off Platform)! 27 Editorial Social Video Sponsorship!Presented By Johnston & Murphy!Watch the video here. !Screenshots demonstrate actual executions! 28 Future 2020! !A continued period of experimentation (consolidation) as publishers continue to engage and build around generational shifts !o Owned and Distributed (Facebook, Snapchat, others) o Deeper Engaged Audiences – Premium Paymentso Native Content 29 Experimentation – New Monetization?!1. Messaging - Chatbots, 1-1 Personalized Communication 2. New Platforms – VR / AR3. Wearables and IoT 30 Messaging Continues To Grow Rapidly…!Leaders: WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger / WeChat! Source: WeChat, WhatsApp, Tercent, Instagram, Twitter. Facebook, LinkedIn, Morgan Stanley Research; Note: 2013 data for Instagram and Facebook Messenger are approximated from statements made in early 2014; Twitter users excludes SMS fast followers!Monthly Active Users on Select Social Networks and Messengers!Global, 2011 – 2015 31 Messaging Platforms…!…Millions of Business Accounts Helping Facilitate Customer Service & Commerce! Source: WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger, various press releases; ‘WeChat Impact: A Report on WeChat Platform Data’ by Grata (2/15)! 32 Snapchat Trifecta = Communications + Video + Platform… ! Source: Snapchat!10-20MM Snapchatters !View Live Stories Each Day!70MM+ Snapchatters !View Discover Each Month!More Users Watched College Football and MTV Music Awards on Snapchat than Watched the Events on TV!Top Performing Channels Average 6-7 minutes per Snapchatter per Day!Stories (Personal) Live (Personal + Pro Curation) Discover (Pro) !Oct 2013 Launch!June 2014!Jan 2015! 33 Digital Storytelling Is Becoming More Personal! DESKTOPArticles, data visualizations, and videosMOBILESocial-optimized video, quick
infographics, and statsIMMERSIVEVirtual reality
video (VR) 34 Future Summary!!! ! More Generational Shifts!More Fragmentation of Publisher Model!More Opportunities for Native Storytelling !! Thank you!