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Copyright © 2016, Business Insider, Inc. All rights reserved. intelligence@businessinsider.com The Fintech Ecosystem Lumascape And Our 5 Top Fintech Predictions For 2016 Research Completed By: John Heggestuen | Managing Analyst Evan Bakker | Research Analyst Jaime Toplin | Research Associate 2 Technology is upending established workflows and processes in the financial services industry. Tasks once handled with paper money, bulky computers,\ and human interaction now are being completed entirely via digital interface\ s. Given how pervasive financial services are across the globe, the disruption opportunity for fintech startups is massive. Startups, some of which have garnered blockbuster investments, are re-imagining almost every type of financial activity. Meanwhile, the old guard is trying to solve the puzzle the fintech revolution presents — how can incumbents benefit from the rise of digital, and how can they avoid obsolescence? Below are our top predictions for fintech in 2016. Our predictions are based on the research we’ve been conducting over the last year, including fore\ casts of industry trends, data tracking, and conversations with executives in the\ industry. THE FINTECH ECOSYSTEM Copyright